Professional Drummer and Audio Engineer

     Kevin earned his Associate Degree in Commercial Music Management from Austin Community College in 2012. He has been working as a professional Audio Engineer for the past nine years predominantly at 512 Studios with Omar Vallejo where he is currently engaged. He has also done some projects at Evenbreak Productions with Vicki Holmes, and Evil Snail Studios with Kfir and Rom Gov.
    Since Kevin has been affiliated with 512 Studios, Evenbreak Productions and Evil Snail Studios, he has helped engineer and mix over 100 albums. Kevin takes great pride in the fact that 512 Studios was voted “Best Recording Studio” in Austin for the 2016 and 2018 Austin Chronicle Music Industry Awards. Kevin has engineered, mixed, produced and played as a session drummer on many different styles ranging from Rock, Metal, Country, Hip-Hop and Tejano.
I have engineered and produced on many projects. I have developed the skills necessary to help artists reach their maximum potential in both songwriting and sonic quality. Email or call with inquiries on my rates for producing and engineering.
Mixing and ADR
I have to admit, my favorite part of the recording process is the mixing. I would say it's my specialty. I have mixed many projects spanning many genres. I have also done ADR work with Johnny Marshall out of Marshall Sound Design for the films "From Eva with Love" (2014) and "Daylight's End (2016)." Email or call with inquiries on my rates for mixing or ADR.
Session/Gig Drummer/Teacher
I have been playing drums for over 20 years and have been a performing touring drummer for 10 years. I have also played drums on numerous records encompassing many different styles. I am now offering drum lessons to anyone interesred. Email or call with inquiries on my rates for session drums, live performances or drum lessons.
Client List
.Distant Lights
.Dawn Over Zero
.Little Joe y La Familia
.Bubba Westly
.Trevor Cole Band
.Cosmic Wolf
.Sean Korelc
.Wayne Garner
.Jackson Taylor & The Sinners
.Matt Begley & The Bitter Whiskey
.Seek Irony
.Resisting Vegas
.Sam Sliva
.Blackheart Saints
.Reverend's Daughter
.Holly Barnett
.Nick Versoza
.AJ Vallejo
.Kendall Beard
.Poor James Brown
.Kris Gordon
.Amanda Serra
.Ray Prim
.The Chris Castaneda Project
.Clay Campania
.512 Studios Live (TV Show)
.Glen Rexach Group
.Annie & Kate
.The Warplanes
.Jacqui Walker
.Cole Tucciy
.Vanessa Del Fierro
.AJ Guel
.Janie Balderas
.86 The Sun
.The 80H Project
.Tom Meny
.Buck Lovett
.Ben Cina
.Adam McInnis
.The Texas Kgb
.Aiden Kross
.Collin Mullins
.Jam Therapy
.MC Overlord
​.Fine Lion
.John Olrech
.Mark Winston Kirk
.Johnny Fury
.Romeo Vaughn
.Aaron Navarro
.Tom Ben Lindley
.Paul Renna
.Jess and the Echos
.Steel Penny
.Matt Battle
​.Noble Junky
.Blastfamous USA